Let's see if we can shed some light on your questions.



+ How long does grooming take?

There are many factors which may contribute to answering how long it will take to groom your dog. Factors such as coat condition, temperament, health issues, styling requirements, and scheduling times all contribute to the answer. Typically, dogs who are here first thing in the morning get done the fastest. If your dog does not sit still or requires an extra set of hands, is in poor health, or whose coat is in poor condition (matted and knotted), then the groom will take longer. Our goal is to have all dogs done within a 4 hour time frame, or sooner based on how busy we are that day. Average time is approximately 3 hours however. It is the customers responsibility to make the groomers aware ahead of time whether or not there are time constraints involved. We will do all we can to accommodate you and get your pet back during the time requested, however, we cannot guarantee last minute changes in time requirements will be fulfilled. We will call or text you as soon as the grooming is complete. We kindly ask that you please not come for pickup prior to your pets grooming completion as your pet will hear or even smell your presence and may become difficult or unmanageable on our tables due to excitement.

+ Do you offer de-shedding (Furminating)?

Sure do! The de-shedding process essentially involves a specialized shampoo to help your dog’s coat loosen up to brush out easier, a high velocity drying process, and the use of a de-shedding tool (most commonly referred to as Furminator). This process is an a la carte item that is added to the cost of the base groom for your dog. The process is based on a 45 dollar per hour rate. So, for example, if you have a Golden Retriever you would like to de-shed, the price will be the cost of the groom plus however long it takes to remove the dead coat that is left behind after the drying process. When using the de-shedding tool, the process generally takes about 30 minutes. The de-shedding process, which if used every 4-6 weeks, reduces shedding by 60%-80%. It removes the pet's undercoat (that is what sheds) and leaves the pet's top coat looking normal and healthy, not like a shave down.

+ Can I watch while my pet is being groomed?

Again, unfortunately no. It is our experience that having the owner present for the grooming process actually increases the dogs anxiety and makes the process more difficult and much, much more dangerous. Dogs become very excited when they see their owners. With so much activity and excitement there is a risk of being injured. Groomers use many sharp tools while styling and pets that move around on the grooming table are at a higher risk of being accidently cut. Please do not be offended if your groomer informs you that you or your children cannot be in the shop or stand outside the window while the grooming process is taking place. The safety of your pet and our groomer is the highest priority.

+ How often should my dog be groomed?

We recommend every 4 to 6 weeks for most breeds. Shorter coated dogs such as boxers and labs should be bathed every 6 to 8 weeks.

+ Can I have my pet washed in my own shampoo?

We are happy to use any medicated shampoo given under a vet’s direct orders. However, we will not use any other shampoos brought in by the customer. We cannot vouch for the ingredients used in shampoos we are not familiar with. Using unfamiliar shampoos may open your dog’s skin to irritation and other skin related problems. We have been using only Tropiclean shampoos and conditioners since we opened in 2005 and have several formulas on hand at all times to accommodate your needs, including hypoallergenic and non-fragrance shampoos. If you have particular questions or concerns about what shampoo your dog needs, we will be happy to discuss all available options with you.

+ Can I have a tour of your shop?

Are you kidding me? Absolutely! Just ask and we’d be happy to give you the nickel tour! We’re very proud of our barker shop and love to brag about it!

+ What days and hours do you offer grooming?

We groom every day of the week and offer flexible hours to fit your schedule. We try to get most dogs in before noon for their grooms, but if you need a later appointment time we can work with you. We are typically booked a week out, so please allow for a few days.

+ Can my dog play in daycare after or before their groom?

Our daycare facilities are offered only to our customers whose dogs have gone through our screening process. Without the screening process, unfortunately, your dog will not be allowed into our daycare rooms. If, however, your dog is screened, he or she will be more than welcome to play in daycare at the half day daycare rate of $25. This is what we typically refer to as a “Spa Day”.

+ Are appointments needed for nail cuts?

Nope. Just come on in during our business hours. After 9 am and before 2 pm is best.

+ Do you accept tips?

Surely do!

+ Can you sedate my dog or administer medications?

No. All medications must be administered by either the owner or vet.

+ Can you do "standard" trims like I see on dog shows?

You've come to the right place for standard grooms. Our lead groomer Matt specializes in executing grooms that come as close as possible to the standards laid out by the American Kennel Club.