The public record of how we got to where we are today.


Make no mistake about it, back in 2003, the dog daycare concept was an entirely foreign concept here on the east coast. At that time, there simply was no category in many peoples' minds for it. Was it a kennel? Was it an indoor park? Would there be utter chaos with so many dogs "roaming free"?

Much of that early confusion can be seen below in the oldest newspaper articles while we were still trying to just get the concept across. But as time passed and and as people began to see dog daycare as the great thing that it is, opinions changed and now, over 10 years later, we have been so very fortunate to play such a valuable roll in so many pets' and families' lives here in central New Jersey.

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Enjoy our little trip down memory lane!



Courier News

Crows turns out for dog daycare pitch.

January 10, 2003


The Star Ledger

Dog day care plan draws fire.

February 5, 2003


Hillsborough Beacon

Pooch pre-school already to grow.

February 9, 2006


Your Community Marketplace

Dog Heaven

October 9, 2008

Hillsborough Beacon

Dog center doesn't belong near homes.

January 16, 2003


The Star Ledger

Hillsborough debates plans for dog day care center.

February 6, 2003


Your Community Marketplace

Dog Days Daycare in Hillsborough is a pooch's paradise.

August 16, 2007