Get A Rock. Paint A Rock. Plant A Rock.


No doubt you've stopped at our rock garden here at the Dog House and perused the names on your way to drop off or pick up your pooch at the front desk. We've always gotten lots of great compliments about it, but unfortunately not every single dog that attends DDD is represented in our little garden. We try to paint them on our really slow days (which are far and few between now), but we simply can't get to every single name.

If you would like a fun family project to do at home on a sleepy weekend afternoon, why not paint and personalize your own rock and plant it in our rock garden?

Just grab a good size rock you have lying around the yard or your neighbors yard (well, maybe not your neighbors yard), wash it off and paint your dogs name on it and decorate it anyway you like. We'd be happy to have you add your rock to our garden! If you can't find a rock, just ask and we'll give you one.

One neat little unplanned result of our rock garden is when families move away or their pup crosses the rainbow bridge, the owners will sometimes take their rock home with them as a bit of a memorial keepsake. Many people appreciate having their rocks back!

When K9 Dano of the Somerset Sheriff's Department passed away over a year ago, someone made sure that Dano's rock made its way to his former partners desk and it now is proudly displayed in his office. To this day we aren't sure who made such a kind gesture to Captain Pino, but we're so glad they did!




Hey there! I'm Matt Blair and I'm the lead groomer here at Dog Days Daycare Center. I'm a graduate of Nash Academy of Animal Arts and have been grooming since our doors opened here 10 years ago. I'm also the unofficial social media guru, IT guy, and web developer around these parts.

Matt Blair

Groomer at Dog Days Daycare Center.